Harbor home lab overview

VMware Harbor and https access I have used VMware VCH (vSphere Integrated Containers Host) for some time now in my home lab. However, there are some commands witch are unsupported: Build and push, that’s by design because VCH is a “enterprise container runtime”. So the right process for developing an Docker image are use standard Docker Engine to build, tag, and push a container image to a registry and then pull from registry to VCH.

vExpert 2018

What a great morning. Today I got the message that I now I am a vExpert. This will properly mean that I will blog more and give even more back to this great community.

Two essential vSAN alerts you should create.

When working with our vSAN installation I came across two vital vSAN alerts that I think everybody should create. Without going into details we have had some problems with faulty hardware/software and I noticed that some events on the hosts did not result in vCenter Alerts. The events deal with errors in the checksum calculation and these events could be an indication of a potential problem ether with vSAN software or the disks.

The grayed out migrate button.

After a backup proxy failure, some VM’s had “Migrate…” grayed out. The VM’s was running fine and removing the old backup snapshot did not solve the issue. When searching for this issue the following KB came up. https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2044369 It states that the problem are due to invalid entries in the vCenter DB and the solution is to remove and add the VM to the inventory. Not the ideal solution, so after some test I came up with an idea.

Converting ova with SHA1 to SHA256 for use with vSphere 6.5

When importing a OVA to vSphere 6.5 I got the following error: The quick fix is just to unpack the ova (I’m using 7-zip) and delete the .mf file and deploy the ova again and selecting all files. Change ova to SHA256 Download openssl to windows. Download and install ovftool from my.vmware.com Unpack the ova file. Remove the mf file. Create new SHA256 checksums: