Converting ova with SHA1 to SHA256 for use with vSphere 6.5

When importing a OVA to vSphere 6.5 I got the following error:

OVA Error

The quick fix is just to unpack the ova (I’m using 7-zip) and delete the .mf file and deploy the ova again and selecting all files.

Change ova to SHA256

  1. Download openssl to windows.

  2. Download and install ovftool from

  3. Unpack the ova file.

  4. Remove the mf file.

  5. Create new SHA256 checksums:

    1. openssl dgst -sha256 myvm.ovf >
    2. openssl dgst -sha256 myvm.vmdk >>
  6. Create the new ova file with support for SHA256.

    1. ovftool myvm\myvm.ovf myvm-vmware65.ova