The grayed out migrate button.

After a backup proxy failure, some VM’s had “Migrate…” grayed out. The VM’s was running fine and removing the old backup snapshot did not solve the issue.

alt text

When searching for this issue the following KB came up.

It states that the problem are due to invalid entries in the vCenter DB and the solution is to remove and add the VM to the inventory.

Not the ideal solution, so after some test I came up with an idea. If the backup system broke the VM, it might fix it again. Therefore, I just did a backup by hand and after that, the Migrate button came to life again.


This PowerCLI code will find all VM’s where Migrate are disabled:

Get-vm | Select name,@{Name="RelocateVM";Exp={$_| get-view | Select-Object ExpandProperty DisabledMethod | %{$_ -like "RelocateVM_Task"} | Sort-Object -Unique| Measure-Object | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Count}} | where{$_.RelocateVM -ne 1}

Author styrup Posted on March 13, 2018 Categories vmware, vSphere